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Disability Sector :

The Department provides services to Disabled Challenged Persons. Requirements for the welfare disabled people are taken into consideration the type of disability, prevention, early detection and rehabilitation. In fact, public are not aware of the rights of disabled guaranteed under the Persons with Disabilities Act 1995 (PWD) this ignorance resulted in the denial of services and facilities to the disabled people.

1. Scholarships and Meritorious Award to Disabled Students.

Scholarship is given to the Disabled student pursuing higher studies in recognised schools, colleges, and institutions from nursery up to postgraduate levels. The rates of scholarships vary according to the level of education, hostelites to day scholars. Reader allowance is also given to visually impaired students studying from class IX onwards. State Awards to meritorious disabled students is also given.

Coverage of Beneficiaries during the year 2007- 2008, rates of scholarship for hostellers and non hostellers
Districts Coverage of beneficiaries 2007-2008 Rate of Scholarship Hostellers
Rs. /pm
Non Hostellers
Rs. /pm
Reader allowance for Visually Handicapped only Rs. /pm
Total beneficiaries 599        
East Khasi Hills 74 Preparatory level or pre-primary and primary standard up to Class III 180.00 100.00 ---
West Garo Hills 112 Middle and Secondary standard up to Class VIII 220.00 120.00 --
Jaintia Hills 120 Class IX, X, Pre-university Course and I.A/ISC. 340.00 200.00 150.00
West Khasi Hills 173 B.A/B. Sc/B. Com etc. 440.00 300.00 200.00
Ri Bhoi 87 B.E/B.Tech/MBBS/LLB/B.Ed/ Diploma in Professional and Engineering studies etc. In-Plant training. 580.00 420.00 300.00
East Garo Hills 26 M.A/ M. Sc/M. Com/ LLM/M.Ed., etc. 580.00 420.00 300.00
South Garo Hills 7        

2. State Awards to Meritorious Disabled Students

Categories under which State Awards are given to Meritorious Disabled Students


Rate per month for Day scholars Rate per month for hostels
Junior College (Class XII) 100 155
Senior College (graduation level) 200 270
Post Graduate 300 370

3. Prosthetic Aids for Disabled Persons

Prosthetic Aids are provided to the disabled persons in accordance with the prescribed Rules. Aids such as wheelchair, artificial limbs, hearing aids, crutches etc. are provided so as to enable the disabled persons to lead a normal and purposeful life.

No of beneficiaries provided with Prosthetic Aids for Disabled Persons
Districts No of beneficiaries
East Khasi Hills The aids are provided by DRC Civil Hospital, Shillong
West Garo Hills
Jaintia Hills
West Khasi Hills
Ri Bhoi
East Garo Hills
South Garo Hills
Total beneficiaries

4. Celebration of World Disabled Day

In order to create awareness among the member of the Public about problems of Disabled Persons every year the 3rd day of December is observed as ‘World Disabled Day’ in all the 7 (Seven) District Headquarter of the State. The number of disabled persons who took part are indicated below :

The number of disabled persons who took part during the Celebration of World Disabled Day since 2006 to 2010
Name of the scheme Districts No of beneficiaries
2006-07 2007-08 2009-10
  Total beneficiaries 2066 2017 1025
World Disabled Day East Khasi Hills 1040 1022 210
West Garo Hills 500 500 150
Jaintia Hills 200 200 200
West Khasi Hills 200 70 147
Ri Bhoi 50 104 176
East Garo Hills 50 100 92
South Garo Hills 26 21 50
3rd day of December being observed as ‘World Disabled Day’

5. Vocational Training to Disabled persons for self employment.

Vocational training is imparted to the Disabled person through voluntary organisations in all the seven District Headquarters in different trades like knitting, cane, bamboo work, tailoring. The main objective of the scheme is to enable the disabled people to stand on their own feet by taking up self employment venture in the trade they have been trained.

Vocational Training conducted by Roilang Vocational Centre for Disabled
Table showing districtwise the list of trades offered, scholarship, and coverage of beneficiaries during the year 2009-2010
Districts Trades offered Scholarship/ Stipend Coverage of beneficiaries
  Total beneficiaries   40
East Khasi Hills Knitting, cane,
bamboo work
and tailoring
Rs.500/- per trainee
per month
West Garo Hills 6
Jaintia Hills 6
West Khasi Hills 6
Ri Bhoi 4
East Garo Hills 6
South Garo Hills 5

6. Token relief grant to passed out trainees of vocational training

Token relief grant to passed out trainees of Vocational training is given (at) of Rs.5000/- per beneficiary to enabled them to start Income activities as per the trade they are trained.

District wise coverage of beneficieries for vocational training during the year 2009-2010
Districts Coverage of beneficiaries
Total beneficiaries 69
East Khasi Hills 9
West Garo Hills 10
Jaintia Hills 10
West Khasi Hills 10
Ri Bhoi 10
East Garo Hills 10
South Garo Hills 10

7. Assistance to Voluntary Organisations working for the Disabled.

Voluntary organisations working in the field of welfare of disabled are assisted financially in the form of grant-in-aid towards maintenance of their welfare programmes such as special school, vocational centres.

There are 5 (five) nos. of non governmental organisations working for the welfare of the disabled. Some organisations also maintain separate institution for a specific category of disabled persons.

Jyoti Sroat Visually Impaired Centre Dwar Jingkyrmen Stoney Land Ferrando Speech and Hearing Impaired Centre, Umniuh Khwan Barapani Mary Rice Centre

8. Implementation of Disability Act

In compliance with the provision under the Persons With Disabilities Act, new schemes for giving book grant, uniform grant, conveyance and unemployment allowances to disabled persons was initiated in 1999-2000

District wise coverage of beneficiaries
Districts Coverage of beneficiaries 2009-10 Book Grant Uniform Grant Conveyance Allowance
Class I to III not exceeding Rs.200 each year.
- Class IV to VI not exceeding Rs.300 each year.
- Class VII to X not exceeding Rs.450 each year
- Class XI to XII not exceeding Rs.600 each year.
- Graduate level not exceeding Rs.800 each year.
- Post Graduate level not exceeding Rs.950 each year.
- Class I to III not exceeding Rs.150 each year.
- Class IV to VI not exceeding Rs.250 each year.
- Class VII to not exceeding Rs.350 each year.
Rate Rs.100/- per student per month.
East Khasi Hills 239
West Garo Hills 194
Jaintia Hills 37
West Khasi Hills 80
Ri Bhoi 113
East Garo Hills 29
South Garo Hills 15
Total beneficiaries 707

Unemployment Allowances at the rate of Rs. 50/- per month is provided to disabled adult

9. Rehabilitation Treatment for the Disabled

The Department also provides rehabilitation treatment for the disabled outside the State.

District wise coverage of beneficiaries provided with rehabilitation treatment during the year 2008
Districts Coverage of beneficiaries Amount Provided
Total beneficiaries 1
2008-09 Rs. 25,000
Ri Bhoi 1

10. National Handicapped Finance Development Corporation Scheme (NHFDC)

Effort is being made to mobilise the disabled to come forward and avail the scheme. The Meghalaya Co-operative Apex Bank has been identified as the State Channelising Agency and the agreement has been signed. State guarantee has been done during 2008 it is expected that the implementation of the scheme will be fully functional.

NHFDC District Rehabilitation Centre (DRC) Civil Hospital Shillong

NPRPD – National Programme for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities – DRC

The programme is jointly implemented by the Department of health and Social Welfare in close collaboration with a number of NGOs in the State.

A. State Resource Centre (SRC)
B. District Rehabilitation Centre (DRC) at Tura and Shillong
C. Block Level : 40 MRWs
D. Community Level : 200 CBRWs

District wise implementatin of the National Programme for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities
Districts Blocks MRW CBRW
District-wise allocation: 40 40 200
East Khasi Hills 8 8 40
West Khasi Hills 5 5 25
Jaintia Hills 5 5 25
Ri - Bhoi 5 5 25
West Garo Hills 7 7 35
South Garo Hills 5 5 25
East Garo Hills 5 5 25
District Rehabilitation Centre (DRC) Civil Hospital Shillong