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Government of Meghalaya

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Other Prominent Non Governmental Organisations

List of other Prominent Non Governmental Organisations
Sl. No. Name & Address of NGOs Activities
1. Bosco Reach Out, Shillong Social and Economic Employment
2. North East Network, Shillong Women Issues
3. Impulse Network, Shillong Child Rights
4. Lympung Ki Seng Kynthei, Shillong Women Welfare
5. **name* Bakdil, Tura Training and Capacity Building on Women Empowerment
6. NEIDAC,, Shillong Drug Abuse and Prevention Programme
7. Mary Rice Centre for Special Education, Shillong School for Mentally Challenged
8. Indian Council of Child Welfare, Shillong Child Welfare
9. Indian Council of Social Welfare, Shillong Creche