Social Welfare Department

Government of Meghalaya

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About Us

Constituted as an Independent Directorate in 1974. Deals with Human Resource and Development. Falls under three Ministry of Government of India – Ministry of Women and Child Development, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Ministry of Tribal Affairs and Ministry of Minority Affairs.

Ministry of Women and Child Development:

  • Integrated Child Development Services
  • Juvenile Justice Act

Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment:

  • Disability Sector
  • Social Defence
  • Aged and Infirm

Ministry of Tribal Affairs:

  • Grant-in-aid to NGO’s working for the Welfare of Scheduled Tribes.
  • Vocational Training in Tribal Areas.

Ministry of Minority Affairs:

  • Implementation of the Multi Sectoral Development Programme (MSDP) for Minorities in the Minority Concentrated District of West Garo Hills.
  • The Trust areas of the Department are diverse ranging from Child Development to Women’s Empowerment, Nutrition, Persons with Disabilities, Juvenile delinquents, issue of violence against women and children, aged and infirm and networking with NGOs and Government allied Departments.
    • Areas of operation covers in all the eleven (11) districts and 41 ICDS Projects at the respective Community and Development Blocks and two Urban Areas Shillong and Tura.
    • Directorate of Social Welfare
    • 1 Joint Directorate Headquarter Tura
    • 11 District Social Welfare Officers (DSWOs)
    • 5 District Programme Officer ICDS (DPOs)
    • 3 Superintendent Training Centre for Self Employment for Women (TSEW)
    • 41 Child Development Project Officers (CDPOs)
    • 3 Observation Homes
    • 1 Shelter Home
    • 1 MLTC
    • 2 Anganwadi Worker Training Centres (AWTCs)