Social Welfare Department

Government of Meghalaya

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Functions of Delivery Structures of ICPS Integrated Child Protection Scheme

Functions of State Project Support Unit

  • Develop a plan of action for initiating the implementation of ICPS
  • Facilitate setting up of required structures under ICPS including State Child Protection Society(SCPS),State Adoption Resource Agency( SARA),District Child Protection Unit (DCPUs),Specialised Adoption Agency( SAA), State Child Protection Committee(SCPC) and District Child Protection Committee(DCPC)
  • Facilitate setting up & management of Child Tracking System
  • Carry out training & sensitization of the stakeholders
  • Monitoring, evaluation and documentation of ICPS
  • Develop and disseminate awareness raising materials on the ICPS

Functions of the State Child Protection Society

  • Under the Chairpersonship of State Secretary, SCPC will monitor the implementation of ICPS at the state level.
  • Shall ensure setting up of State Commission for protection of the rights of the child, Child Welfare Committees, Juvenile Justice Board and Special Juvenile Police Units in every district
  • The Secretary shall also ensure compulsory licensing of all voluntary/charitable organizations housing children under the Juvenile Justice Act 2000
  • The SCPS shall work with universities and educational institutions for formulating new courses on counselling and other specialised child protection issues and child rights

Functions of the State Adoption Resource Agency

  • Unit under the SCPS to coordinate, monitor & develop the work of adoption & render secretarial and admin assistance to Adoption Recommendation Committee (ARC)
  • To promote in-country  and regulate inter-country adoption in co-ordination with CARA
  • SARA also responsible for the implementation of Sponsorship and Foster care programs

Functions of the District Child Protection Units

  • The DCPU shall co-ordinate and implement all child rights and protection activities at district level
  • Assess the number of children in difficult circumstances
  • Map  all child related service providers and services at district for creating a resource directory
  • Support implementation of family based non-institutional services including sponsorship, foster care, adoption and after care
  • Ensure setting up of District, Block and Village level Child Protection Committees for effective implementation of programmes, as well as discharge of its functions.
  • Network and co-ordinate  with all government departments to build inter-sectoral linkages on child protection issues, including departments of  health,education,police,judiciary, ,labour, voluntary and civil organisations working in the field of child rights and protection
  • Maintain a database of all children in institutional care and non-institutional care at the district level