Social Welfare Department

Government of Meghalaya

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Social Welfare Department caters to the special needs of marginalized group. It aims at bringing Social and Economic Development of Women, Children, Persons with Disabilities and Juveniles in the State. The Department has been able to formulate programmes for the welfare and development of Women and Children and networking with NGO's. We have undertaken a large number of major initiatives in the Social Welfare Sector. Such achievements are vocational training programmes, rehabilitation services to the Persons with Disabilities, innovative programme, supplementary nutrition to children and mothers, establishment of Child Care Institutions, training for Empowerment of Women, Establishment of One Stop Centres for Women and Women Helpline ‘181’, Shelter Home for Women, Setting Up of Elder Helpline. Besides, continuing existing schemes for children, women, Persons with Disabilities in the State, it is necessary to give more emphasis on the preventive and rehabilitation measures in the social issues like drug addiction, juvenile delinquency, child labour, commercial sex workers and to empower women.