Social Welfare Department

Government of Meghalaya

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List of Officers at Directorate Level

Directorate Level

Sl. No. Name Designation Contact No. Email id
1. Shri. D.D. Shira, M.C.S. Director 03642225187 dte_swmeg(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)in

2. Additional Director   directorsw-meg(at)gov(dot)in
3. Smt. D.V.Massar Deputy Director 7640057828 directorsw-meg(at)gov(dot)in
4. Smt. H.R.Pyrtuh Assistant Director (ICDS) 9436108584 directorsw-meg(at)gov(dot)in
5. Shri. L. Lyngdoh Assistant Director (CNCP) 9863113588 directorsw-meg(at)gov(dot)in
6. Smt. Linda J. Sangma Assistant Director (SD) 9089441625 directorsw-meg(at)gov(dot)in
7. Smt. M. Kharbhih Research Officer 9863101682 directorsw-meg(at)gov(dot)in
8. Smt. B Nengnong State Programme Officer (ICDS) 9402135501 directorsw-meg(at)gov(dot)in
9. Child Welfare & Probation Officer directorsw-meg(at)gov(dot)in
10. Smt. M.L.Shira Social Welfare Officer (Anti Drug) 8837275419 directorsw-meg(at)gov(dot)in
11. Smt. B. Kharlukhi Registrar 9863112395 directorsw-meg(at)gov(dot)in
12. Smt. Spilda Nongrum Senior Audit Officer 9856553824 directorsw-meg(at)gov(dot)in

Public Financial Management System Cell

Sl. No. Name Designation Contact No. Email id
1. Suraj Hajong Technical Assistant Mobile No. 8119812206 technical-assistant(at)gov(dot)in

Joint Directorate at Tura

Sl. No. Name Designation Contact No. Email id
Joint Director


District level Officers

Sl. No. Name Designation Contact No. Email id
1 Smt. N. Umdor District Social Welfare Officer, Shillong 8787863196  
2 Smt. H. Ch. Sangma District Social Welfare Officer, Tura 9436112461  
3 Smt. E. Kharchandi District Social Welfare Officer, Nongpoh 9863080755  
4 Shri E Tariang District Social Welfare Officer, Mawkyrwat    
5 Smt. J.Synnah District Social Welfare Officer, Jowai 9612942072  
6 Smt. R. Passah District Social Welfare Officer, Khliehriat 9856227784  
7 Smt. V. War District Social Welfare Officer, Nongstoin 9862437945  
8 Shri. C.Areng District Social Welfare Officer, Resubelpara    
9 Smt. S.A.Sangma District Social Welfare Officer, Williamnagar    
10 Smt. Zanera R Marak District Social Welfare Officer, Ampati    
11 Shri. S.S.Koch District Social Welfare Officer, Baghmara    
12 Smt. D. Pyrbot District Programme Officer ICDS, Shillong & RiBhoi 9612974562  
13 Smt. V. War District Programme Officer ICDS, Nongstoin & Mawkyrwat 9862437945  
14 Smt. Y Najiar District Programme Officer ICDS, Jowai & Khliehriat 8414027659  
15 Smt. S.A. Sangma District Programme Officer ICDS, Williamnagar & Resubelpara 8794733230  
16 Shri. C Arengh District Programme Officer ICDS, Tura, Ampati & Baghmara 9863033268